April 7-9, 2022
Shenzhen, China


• Intelligent logistics enters the golden area as all manufacturers looking for manpower-saving and high efficient solutions

Logistics has been taken by packaging and printing companies as the core of intelligent strategy given the industrial consolidation. Leading companies in China including Shanying Paper Industry, Hexin Packaging Printing, Jielong, Jiangsu Color Printing and ZRP Printing and Packaging Group have established their smart factory. Equipped with the latest intralogistics management, they have been the representing companies of integrated, scaled and intensive production. An increasing number of packaging and printing companies are paying more attention to the automatic and intelligent internal logistics, especially automatic stereo warehouse, robot clamp and AGV. 

• InMAT will launch tailored “Intelligent Logistics” guided tours by leveraging its center exhibition hall location

Intralogistics and Process Management Expo 2021 is located at the center of the 7-IN-1 mega show. Based on the industry pain points and latest trends, and in line with different needs for logistics solutions, RX will tailor guided tour for buyers in different sectors. 

• 10+ onsite events and demonstrations at InMAT for you to acquire the latest industry news and knowledge at one-stop

- APS and WMS for seamless transmission and intelligent scheduling;

- AGV handling conveyor competition to demonstrate the latest industrial robotic equipment;

- Live demonstration of automatic stereo warehouse, key drive for massive unmanned production line;

- Automatic delivery system to arrange the shipping order reasonably and improve the shipping efficiency;

- Automatic stacking solutions to facilitate product stacking in a safe and orderly manner;

- Innovative automatic handling tools to allow easy operation.

• InMAT gets full support from Reed’s global logistics expos

InMAT gets full support from Reed’s logistics expos in Mexico, Brazil, France, India, Indonesia and Thailand. Upheld by the quality international database and brand influence, InMAT is able to set up an effective trade platform integrating online and offline channels for exhibitors, facilitating exhibitors to expand international influence and market share. 

• InMAT is concurrently held with 6 Sino packaging expos. 1 pass accesses to 7 shows.

InMAT 2021 is going to display the equipment, technologies and services for intelligent internal logistics and process management in raw materials transmission, packaging production and product warehousing.

InMAT will be concurrently held with SinoCorrugated, SinoFoldingCarton, SinoFlexPack, SinoPaper and China Packaging Container Expo (PACKCON), the newly launched Digital Printing Equipment and Technology Expo (DPrint) which cover the whole packaging industry chain. PACKCON, jointly organized by China Packaging Federation (CPF) and RX, establishes platform for displaying various packaging containers, providing all innovative packaging materials, structures, designs and packaging solutions. 7-IN-1 mega show provides visitors a gold opportunity to look for the best products, services and solutions for packaging and intralogistics, where visitors can also keep update with the latest industry trends and knowledge.