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Double 11 2020: Ailbaba Tmall, JD Singles’ Day sales exceeded US$ 116 billion!

11 Dec, 2021

GPMA editor team


On the morning of Nov. 12, Alibaba Tmall officially announced the final transaction data from 0:00 on November 1 to 24:00 on November 11, which was 498.2 billion yuan (USD 76 billion). The outbreak of domestic demand in China drove Tmall Singles' Day shopping spree to renew its growth! At 24:00 on November 11, 2020, real-time logistics orders of Tmall Singles' Day global carnival season were fixed at the number of 2.321 billion.


In addition, Jingdong officially announced that from 0:00 on November 1 to 23:59 on November 11, the cumulative amount of orders during Jingdong's 11.11 global love season exceeded 271.5 billion yuan (USD 41.4 billion), making the highest growth rate in recent years.


Also, ZTO Express announced that from 00:00 on November 1 to 24:00 on November 11, the total amount of orders of ZTO exceeded 820 million (USD 125 million), and the total business volume exceeded 760 million (USD 116 million). As of 24:00 on Nov. 11, ZTO Express cargo volume exceeded 31,000 tons. On Nov. 11, both the cargo volume of YTO Express and Yunda Express exceeded separately more than 100 million pieces.


According to the data released by ANE Logistics, the cargo volume of ANE exceeded 51,357 tons on November 11, reaching a new peak.

The following picture will show you the logistics big data during double 11.



In the past 12 years, Tmall logistic orders increased from 260,000 in 2009 to 2.25 billion in 2020, increasing by nearly 9,000 times. The achievement was made because Cainiao has been constantly involved in promoting the digital upgrading of the logistics industry.  From the digitization of parcels to the digitization of the whole chain of logistics hubs, vehicles, terminals and couriers, Cainiao has helped accelerate the improvement of supply chains and industrial chains.


12 years of Double 11 have seen the upgrading of digitization.