July 13-15, 2022
Shenzhen, China

Exhibit Profile

◆ Internal logistics integration solution provider

Paper industry Internal logistics solution provider

Printing and packaging industry internal logistics integration solution provider

Food industry internal logistics integration solution provider

Solution provider of internal logistics integration in wine and beverage industry

Solution provider of logistics integration in digital and home appliance industry

Solution provider of internal logistics integration of agricultural and sideline products industry

Internal logistics integration solution provider of machinery manufacturing industry



◆ Material handling and warehousing technologies

Storing and handling system

Automation and control system

Crane and hoister

Continuous handling equipment


Handling equipment

Conveying equipment

Components and accessories



◆ Ground conveyor and accessories


Stacker guiding system

Pallet stacker

Dispatcher-free transportation system (DTS)

Industrial robot


Electric vehicle

Trailer and tractor

Stacker auxiliary equipment

Wheel and roller

Components and accessories



◆ Warehousing and operating equipment

Racks and their equipment

Rack operating equipment

Rack maintenance and inspection

Sorting equipment

Board system and its solution

Partition wall and warehousing office equipment

Cleaning equipment of warehouse and its facilities

Air conditioner system

Freight elevator system

Industrial door and sealing device

Station system

Hazardous material treatment and storing


◆ Warehouse and production control system

Control system and equipment

Manufacturing execution system (MES)

Lean production plan

ERP and PPS systems

Warehousing management software

Warehousing control system

Material planning system

Data transmission



◆ Packaging, weighing, measuring and delivering systems

Secondary packaging equipment

Industrial packaging equipment

Packaging material


Packaging and disassembling equipment

Pallet sorting

Pallet lifting system

Stretching equipment of shrinking machine

Bundling technology

Weighing equipment

Measuring system and equipment

Automatic shipment system

Automatic uploading system and relevant equipment

Hydraulic platform, hoisting platform and adjustable ramp

Transfer equipment

Automatic truck loading and unloading devices

Safety technology at loading dock

Anti-sliding product